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6.5 Diesel

6.5 Diesel Are you looking at the updated 6.5 diesel engine? You may have a long list of questions regarding the engine, and it’s only natural that you would when it comes to a purchase of this size. Let Bostic Motors’ experts answer your questions and show you why the new and updated 6.5 engine is the best product in its class today.

If you’ve been looking at the 6.5 diesel for any length of time, you may have come across all kinds of various information with regard to pros and cons of ownership. It’s essential to understand that there were serious cracking issues with the block and heads prior to the improvements that have been made. After the implementation of enhancements to the motor, there has not been a single cracking issue recorded.

Bostic Motors only builds and services 6.2 and 6.5 liter diesel engines; in fact, their dedication to the 6.5 diesel has resulted in some of the finest improvements that the mechanical industry has seen. This is largely due to the fact that Bostic Motors refuses to use knock off parts or Asian parts on their motors- nor do they sell them on their website. You’ll find they are vested in new aftermarket and remanufactured components that cannot be sourced at your local parts store.

Vast improvements made to the 6.5 are also due to the fact that Bostic Motors employs only experiences and seasoned machinists and technicians, who machine the castings and then assemble engines using all new, PEM parts, for unrivaled dependability and quality. Design improvements and re-engineering add durability to the engine and have completely eliminated the potential for cracking.

Consumers can purchase the 6.5 diesel with all of the GM and AM General’s recent updates at a price no dealership can offer. Exactly what is new and improved about the 6.5 diesel? Take a look:

- Remanufactured Optimizer engines use genuine AM General military issued block and head castings, so no more cracking and no more oiling issues.
- Every single engine sent out is hot-run on the dynamometer for proper seating of internal parts and oversight of every potential issue.
- Internal parts are sourced from an OEM supplier.
- Asian parts are never, ever used or even considered.
- Bostic Motors does not cut the crankshaft, nor do they use crankshafts that have been cut.
- Bostic Motors pays for the return of the core.

Bostic Motors is not interested in simply selling you the 6.5 diesel- they are interested in helping, and assuring, every customer that they get their engine installed properly, using historical data and providing information regarding specific problem areas that may be faced during an installation.

Take a closer look at the 6.5 diesel engine when you visit and read more about the advantages offered by this unique engine. Don’t forget to read through the FAQ page where many common questions have already been answered for other customers. If you should require some assistance, have other questions you wish to have answered or want to place an order, call Bostic Motors at 828-453-7779. 6.5 Diesel
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