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6.5 Diesel Turbo Kit

6.5 Diesel Turbo Kit

It is possible to diagnose and repair a faulty 6.5 diesel turbo kit when you have a basic understanding of mechanics and logical thinking capability. The only other additions needed are safety gear and a guiding tutorial for complicated cases. You also need to learn a few general safety techniques, such as the following:

  • Do not stand in front of the vehicle
  • Do not stand in the same line as the fan
  • Do not remove your safety glasses while working on the engine 

The concepts and methods of diagnosing a 6.5 diesel engine are well known and understood by anyone who has a beginner’s experience with the engines. Additionally, manufacturers like GM and AM have well-invested research materials that guide a newbie inside their products. 

Some of the listed techniques are in use in military projects, which require fast and efficient solutions. The recommendations will help you troubleshoot a case with ease and give you basic mechanical knowledge to fix it without hiring external help. 

Most common problems with the 6.5 diesel turbo kit

While these issues are not a mandatory occurrence with every engine, almost every other isolated failure revolves around the following topics:

  • Failure to start
  • Random stalling
  • Difficult start
  • A rough run
  • Unusual sounds and vibrations from the engine
  • Excess consumption of oil
  • Excess black or white smoke
  • A stalled engine
  • Low power
  • Overheating
  • Low fuel mileage
  • Leaking coolant

Bostic Motor Inc. does not sell car products that will require repair immediately after purchase. We have a professional return policy on the few minor cases that may occur and will pay for the return of the core. Our team values the satisfaction of customers and provides an exact and trustworthy installation procedure for all products. We also highlight specific trouble areas and guide you through the problem with ease. 

Troubleshooting and fixing of common issues

Visual inspection

  • Spend at least ten minutes checking the engine compartment and ensuring that the fundamentals are in excellent working condition. Pay close attention to the grounds and connectors. Pick and ensure that the wires on objects like the A/C are in excellent working condition.
  • The fuel gauge may not be as accurate as we like to believe. Additionally, one ought to be careful that the fuel is fit, because gasoline cannot start a cold 6.5 diesel turbo kit. Provide the engine with a different fuel or drain the tank and start again with the proper diesel fuel.
  • The car may not start if the fuel does not reach the injection pump. Remove the return line and place a short hose line on the fitting of the pump and direct it to a container. Another problem with the injection pump is that it may not be operating with the engine’s power.

This case is possible when there are faults with timing between the gears. Verify if the pump is turning by removing and replacing the oil filler tube. Do not attempt to fix the pump and its fixtures if you plan to make a replacement. A well-rated mechanic will shorten the fixing duration and get your kit back to its default state.





6.5 Diesel Turbo Kit
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