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Banks 6.5 turbo kit

Banks 6.5 turbo kit

The 6.5 diesel engine is an evolution of the 6.2 L. GM began producing the improvement in 1992 and completely replaced the earlier model by 1993. Unlike the 6.2 L, the progression is available as a naturally aspirated engine and a turbocharged engine. The engine gains respect and admiration because it has the perfect balance between the economy of fuel and performance. 

Specs of the original 6.5 turbo kit

  • A 190 horsepower at 3400 RPM
  • A torque of 385ft/lb at 1700 RPM

The 6.5 version was the best release by GM and rampant in military standard cars like the Humvee. GM continued its production after releasing the next version in 2000, because of its particular specifics. They produced many variations of the original, such as including the following features:

  • A 120 horsepower
  • A 215 horsepower for trucks and pickups like Sierra and Silverado. The engine had a 4L80E four-speed automatic transmission backing

Here are a few general benefits of working with our 6.5 turbo kit:

  • They are easy to operate install, diagnose and fix
  • They have an extensive performance aftermarket and stock
  • They have a straightforward process of transmitting energy out the system
  • They can handle a tremendous amount of mileage, with some working in perfect condition at 600,000 miles
  • They are fun and economical and will last a long time with a reasonable service with quality parts 

Critics are an essential part of any product or business, because they help authenticate the functionality of the item, or inspire a renovation project. One major issue with the earlier versions of engine kits are blocks and cracks in the head. This minor issue as earned GM a questionable reputation, which they have, however, managed to fix. One example is that the 6.5 upgrade of the 6.2 L. 

Common issues of the original 6.2 turbo kit

  • Weak flow of the coolant
  • A blown gasket
  • Cracked heads
  • Cracked blocks
  • A failed PMD
  • An overheated engine
  • A failed injection pump 

Here is how GM and manufacturers like Bostic Motors Inc. realized that the issues of the 6.2 L could lead to the manufacture of a more efficient.

  • The cracked blocks could undergo a permanent repair process that will keep in running condition for a long time
  • The cracked heads require less effort in diagnosis and repair, in comparison to the 6.2 L
  • It is now easy to solve a failed PMD
  • The substantial cooling upgrade and aluminum radiator are excellent for resolving issues with overheating
  • The former problems affecting the cooling are easily fixable when you upgrade the coolant
  • The new Banks 6.5 turbo kit has upgrades and modifications of the injection pump
  • The new design has built-in solutions to help in smoothing issues with several issues in the previous engine format 

Why buy from Bostic Motors?

Third-party manufacturers like us, produce high-grade products that beat the GM releases and rival the Banks 6.5 turbo kit. These units save fuel by a decent percentage and have a better torque production with increased horsepower. The outperformance should give you better quality for your money than buying from other rival manufacturers.

Banks 6.5 turbo kit
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