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H1 Turbo Kit

H1 Turbo Kit

The Hummer H1 turbocharger is part of the diesel engine. The original product of the Hummer H1 turbocharger was present in the civilian market on March 14th, 1992. It became more popular after the publication of photographs taken during Operation Desert Storm. It also received additional praise from a campaign by the politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

Early production of H1 turbo kits

The last production of the H1 turbo kit was by AM General in 2006. The end of the wave was due to new regulations against the emission of diesel, which began operating in 2007. The final edition improved the efficiency of the last release by 10mpg and took first place as the most powerful engine. 

Application of the H1 Hummer turbo kit

This kit is a natural fir to Hummer H1 four-wheel-drive vehicles. These cars are a creation of General Motors and have their basis on M998 Humvee. The original application, the Hummer H1 cars, was off-road military functions. The vehicle became a part of the civilian market in 1999 due to demand. 

Variations of the engine type

There are five types of engines and three types of automatic transmissions in Hummer H1s.

  • 6 L turbo Duramax LLY V8 with a five-speed
  • 5 L turbo of GM Diesel/GM 4L80 and V8, with a four-speed
  • 7 L gasoline of Vortec 5700 and GM 4L80-E
  • 5 L GM 4L80-E, V8 and GM Diesel
  • 2 L V8, GM TH400, 3L80, and GM Diesel 

The H1 turbo kit is also present in the re-engineered version of the H1 vehicles, Hummer H1 Alpha. The car has a turbocharged Duramax engine, whose production began in 2005 but stopped in 2006 because of constraints within General Motors. 

Should you buy a Hummer H1 kit?

The H1 vehicle is a civilian version of the military Humvee. They both use comparatively similar turbos; hence, you will reap the same benefits as those from the military vehicles.

Benefits of the H1 Hummer turbo kit

Consumption of fuel

Comparing an engine with a turbo kit with one without the kit reveals that both use the same amount of power. The engine with the turbo will, however, use less fuel because the engine is smaller. 

A turbocharged version with 200hp may achieve its maximum power output with four cylinders, while the one without a turbo will use at least six cylinders.


The turbocharged engine will produce less sound than the naturally aspirated engine. This case is because the turbo has a silencer that filters out muffled sounds.

Performance in high altitudes.

There is a low air pressure in the engine while navigating high altitudes. Regular engines will have less power, whereas the H1 turbo kit from Bostic Motors will provide a more significant difference in pressure between the turbo and the exhaust. The charger increases the density of air entering the engine and results in the production of more power. 

Reduced emission

Governments are becoming keener on the average gas emission produced by cars. A turbocharged engine would adhere to these regulations better than the regular one because it is smaller.


H1 Turbo Kit
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