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Hmmvee turbo kit

Hmmvee turbo kit

A typical engine gets its power from atmospheric pressure, with an average of fifteen pounds per square inch. The turbo kit generates power by forcing air into the engine at elevated pressure, which causes an eventual increase in power potential. Several parts make up a Humvee turbo kit system, including the following:

  • Manifold
  • Turbocharger
  • Intake
  • Downpipe
  • Fuel management unit
  • Lines and hoses
  • Intercooler
  • Blow off valves 

Parts of a Humvee turbocharger

Compressor housing

The housing gathers clean air for compression before it’s the forceful entry into the engine. Modern turbochargers have a spiral shape that allows for maximum air and pressure flow. Additionally, modern turbochargers have an aluminum material, which is convenient in maintaining the right functional conditions. 

Compressor wheel

The wheel is inside the compressor housing and usually has aluminum material. It spins fast to pull in air, before compressing it and sending it to the engine through the spiral design. 

Compressor piston ring

The circular piston ring has a flexible seal between the backplate and the thrust collar. The ring provides control of the oil and prevents contamination of the bearing system. 


The plate connects the housing of the bearing to the compressor housing. It acts as a retaining device and a sealed barrier that prevents the pressurized air from getting into the bearer housing. 

Bearing housing

This housing keeps the thrust and journal bearings while giving them the oiling circuits that allow a free operation. The bearing housing contains the water cooling system and has the manufacture of heavyweight cast iron. 

Thrust bearing

This bearing is within the housing of the bearing and controls the axial movement within the turbine shaft. The thrust bearing should have proper lubrication with oil, to eliminate friction and prevent damage.

Journal bearing

The bearing controls the radial load and ensures that the rotating parts have enough support. The result is that the shaft, compressor wheel, and turbine wheel have enough support to avoid wobbling. 


This component is at the back of the bearing and protects other parts from the heat from the exhaust gases. 

Turbine housing

This housing is of iron or a high-temperature alloy that collects gases from the engine. It channels the gases from the engine to the turbine so it can rotate.  It has a spiral design that maximizes the speed of exhaust gases. 

Turbine wheel

This wheel transforms energy from the engine’s exhaust and converts it to kinetic energy. 

Piston ring

The circular ring has a seal that prevents oil from getting to the turbine housing, and exhaust gases from getting to the bearing housing. 

Shaft nut

This component keeps the thrust collar and compressor wheel attached to the turbine shaft. 

Westgate actuator

This valve diverts exhaust gas from the turbine and controls the speed to prevent over-speeding. The consequence is protection from excessive wear due to reduced pressure. 

Bypass valve

This component prevents a surge of compressed air on both the engine and turbocharger. The mechanism includes allowing the compressed air to escape into the atmosphere or redirecting it to the air intake.

The installation process involves checking the vehicle’s current condition and following the manufacturer’s instructions.  Reach Bostic Motors Inc. at 828-453-7779 to learn about the best Humvee turbo kit and additional information to ease the installation process.



Hmmvee turbo kit
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