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HMMWV Banks turbo

HMMWV Banks turbo

HMMWV is also known as the Humvee, which is the original four-by-four general utility military vehicle. As of 2015, there were only 280,000 units produced since 1984. 

Every single Hummer since 1996 had a 6.5 turbodiesel V8, with the combination of a 194 horsepower at 438 lb-ft torque. The only dominant issue is that every engine had a casting flaw that resulted in a crack of the eighth cylinder. The quickest fix was replacing the engine at the price of at least $10,000. 

This scenario leaves a second or third car owner with too many uncertainties. Every resold Hummer of the years 1996 to 2000 is bound to have some issue with the engine, including the military trucks. The replacement does not sanctify one from faults, because there may be bad blocks within the new one. 

Replacing a car engine is not an everyday activity for most car owners. This case is because engines have a design that should handle daily use for an extended duration. While they do are not fail-proof, they are bound to develop a few issues after a severe workload. 

Common problems of the HMMWV Banks turbo

Cracked block

The number one cause of a cracked engine block is excess heat. A cooling system that fails to regulate the operating temperature will make it rise exponentially as the motor is in use. A cracked block will usually cause the cracked block to lose power and eventually shut down the engine. 

Tear and wear

The engine will suffer from wear and tear as the odometer rises. Routine maintenance will prevent heat and friction, as well as limit the following conditions:

  • Wear of the cylinder’s rings
  • Blown gaskets
  • Oil leakage 

Collision damage

A car that suffers from a massive frontal collision will suffer possible damage to the engine. It may be impossible to revive an engine back to its pre-accident state. 

Poor maintenance

It is incredibly important to keep a car’s services in full rotation if you want to extend the engine’s life. The most helpful engine services include flushing the coolant, changing the oil, and washing the engine.

Unclean oil

Metal shavings in the oil will cause eventual wear on the engine. They are indicative of extreme metal contact in the internal parts. The parts are wearing down enough to create a dramatic short failure that may stall your car during a drive.

Worn out piston rings

These rings will wear out when they are subject to extremely high temperatures over long periods. They are not able to seal as they should and allow the proper mix of oil. A standard indicator of burnt piston rings is white smoke, which travels through the length of the exhaust pipe. 

Buying a used Hummer will often require that you perform regular engine services or possible replacement. You do not have to worry about a sudden malfunction when you purchase a tested engine from Bostic Motors Inc. Additionally, avoid rebuilding an HMMWV Banks turbo if you cannot find a verified engine manufacturer.




HMMWV Banks turbo
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