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Hummer Turbo kit

Hummer Turbo kit

The turbo kits of today’s Hummer’s are significantly different from the previous batch, with increased efficiency and power. The vehicles are a lot less quiet and provide more horsepower with less hassle.

Anyone who has ridden or owned a car with an efficient turbo kit cannot deny the difference it offers other vehicles. Our selection of turbo kits ranges from entry-level units to high-performance types. 

What is a turbo kit?

This unit is a supercharger that acts as a fan, which blows compressed air into the engine. The extra air gives the car more power because the oxygen helps in burning more fuel. Turbochargers source their energy from exhaust gases from combustion within the engine. 

The time taken for a turbo to level up the power is considered a lag or delay by the driver. The driver mashes the throttle in anticipation of speeding up the production of energy. The turbo will, however, not speed up until the process is complete. Including a Hummer turbo kit into a car’s engine system is a powerful way of increasing the car’s power without expending the car’s fundamental unit. Additionally, the vehicle gains a dramatic amount of energy at a reduced amount. 

How does one match a Hummer turbo kit to the engine?

Choosing the right turbocharger involves many factors. You should know the specifics of your engine and the intended purpose of the unit. The most important approach is a realistic mindset that understands the car’s real power.

One would wish to turbocharge a 200hp to a 600hp. This wish may be unrealistic because you would spend a pretty amount of money adding other modifications. The most realistic increase should fifty percent extra power. Here are a few measurable conditions to consider.

Volumetric efficiency

Maximizing this factor has a significant result on the engine’s horsepower and RPM. Most traditional aftermarket engines have an optimization that allows an increase of VE, such as by forced induction of air.

Ballpark matching

A reasonable turbo match is obtainable from using a realistic horsepower target. One can use a turbocharger from a manufacturer that places the target horsepower in the middle of the power band it can support. It is essential to use ballpark matching because it is more rampant in marketing schemes than in previous times.   

Compressor matching

The process of matching a compressor to the engine applies a couple of assumptions that are approximate to the actual value. The approximation factors in the following conditions:

  • The engine’s RPM
  • The manifold system
  • The corresponding fuel flow 

Compressor trim

The trim of the wheel is a ration that describes the relationship between the turbine and compressor wheels. The trim refers to the basic flow of a chosen wheel and its dimensions. Each wheel has several trim configurations in the casting. A given compressor casting can have a trim with two, three, or more settings.

Bostic Motors is a specialist of the Hummer’s 6.5 and 6.2 Diesel engines. We have vast experiences in servicing the military and major corporations on the civilian plane. We, therefore, have enough knowledge to help you select the most suitable Hummer turbo kit, with exceptional performance and durability.

Hummer Turbo kit
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