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Updated 6.5 Engine Take a new look at the updated 6.5 Optimizer engine from Bostic Motors and discover what their improvements have provided to customers. Having been fully dedicated to rebuilding the 6.2 and the 6.5 diesel motor since the 1990s, Bostic Motors has gained in knowledge and expertise at every new crossroads.

If you’re a consumer looking for the hard-to-find combination of quality and affordability, you’re going to love the new updated 6.5 engine from Bostic Motors. Whether you’re looking for a drop-in motor for your pick-up, Suburban, civilian H-1, HMMWV, van, bus or motorhome, you’re going to find exactly what you have in mind when you visit the Bostic Motors website at 6-5liter.com.

Fuel economy is always on the back-burners of a large vehicle owner’s mind. The updated 6.5 engine offers unmatched fuel economy (18-21 mpg!), which leaves even the new GM Duramax and the newest Ford engines far behind. If you’ve been giving any thought to the rising costs of diesel fuel, you know what better mileage can do for your bottom line- and it doesn’t end there. New improvements to the updated 6.5 engine translate to enhanced durability and unequaled reliability.

Bostic Motors sells quality parts for your 6.5 diesel engine as well, and at the lowest prices you’ll find online. If you’re tempted to think that Bostic Motors keeps their prices low by using knock off or Asian parts, think again. They specialize in new aftermarket and remanufactured Optimizer engines and components you absolutely will not find in your local parts store. Everything they offer on their website is available because they believe it’s the best of its kind, at a great price.

Having said that, you won’t find an enormous inventory of accessories and do-dads for sale from Bostic Motors, although they do offer more parts than what are available on their website. Since engines are at the very core of what they do, their engines and major engine parts are the products that dominate the website. If you need something that you don’t see on their site, feel free to call on one of their specialists at 828-453-7779.

You may have heard of, or even seen first-hand, the cracking issues that the old 6.5 liter engines were plagued with. The updated 6.5 engine from Bostic Motors has completely eliminated the potential for cracking in both block and heads. There has not been a single block or head crack issue to date since the improvements have been implemented, so cracking is no longer a consideration that needs to be addressed.

Shop around, but beware that many other companies are selling new block/head engines that are made using the old casting forms from China. If you want the updated 6.5 engine, be sure to contact Bostic Motors at 828-453-7779 to speak with one of their representatives and let them answer your questions. Remember that experience matters- and GM updated 6.5 engines is all they do at Bostic Motors.
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