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Chevy 6.5 engine

Chevy 6.5 engine Here at Bostic Motors Inc we are proud to say that our Chevy 6.5 engine is second to none. We will only ever put top-notch parts into our engines and the iron we use in our new block uses molybdenum, a metal adding up to 25 percent more strength yet lessening brittle tendencies. For more information on our Chevy 6.5 engine please call (828)-453-7779 or visit our website at

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Block Heater
Did you know that owning a block heater controller such as The Power Badger will save you money every winter and prolong the life of your block heater? The Power Badger is superior to other block heater controllers and timers in the market because it can be set to your specific schedule so your vehicle will be ready to start exactly when you need it to - so it’s perfect for first-responders and anyone who drives a vehicle that uses a block heater.

Air horns
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Are you looking for a horn that will get attention on the road? Shop They carry a line of premium air horns that are able to produce much louder sounds than the factory horn that came with your car or truck. You’ll find the best deals online at Viking Horns with free shipping on all orders over $40.