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6.5 Turbo Diesel

6.5 Turbo Diesel

One of your largest investments can typically be seen parked outside of your home. Next to a home or a boat, the truck and its many components is one of the most heavily invested items that most people own, and there is often a fear of what can happen if changes are made to the vehicle. Will a truck with a 6.5 turbo diesel engine? The words "rebuilt" or "modified" can worry some owners, who fear they could lose money on a trade or sale. In truth, the key to upgrading a 6.5 turbo diesel and keeping its market integrity comes down to a few precautions.

Rebuild Versus New

When rebuilding, most mechanics will follow the original manufacturer's recommendations. This is simply starting from scratch, but using the same theory and the same engineering that went into the engine originally, including the flawed OEM castings. The problem that can affect the vehicle later is twofold. One factor to consider in a 6.5 turbo diesel engine is that naturally anyone considering purchasing it should ask if OEM parts were used. Using anything other than original equipment manufacturer parts is not an option for peak performance or longevity. Next, the person considering the purchase will wonder if the 6.5 turbo diesel will cause further issues or require a rebuild at a later time. If you choose the right engine the first time, this can be avoided.

Making Real Changes

Even if a 6.5 turbo diesel hasn't experienced problems such as injector issues or cracking of the blocks and/or heads, it is a good idea to consider examining the engine to prevent some known problems with the 6.5 turbo diesel. This can be a great way of protecting an investment in your vehicle. It is important again that, as with 6.5 Liter, the parts used are OEM, and that the technicians working on the 6.5 turbo diesel are experienced in making the right adjustments.

Brittleness and Cracking

When offering a vehicle with the 6.5 turbo diesel, another question asked by buyers who know this engine is about cracking. This is a well-known problem, despite the popularity of this engine. It is natural for an engine to show problems after just a few years, but this doesn't mean the 6.5 turbo diesel cannot be improved upon. The use of molybdenum is a perfect case in point. Molybdenum is metal that allows the casting some limited and controlled flexibility. As an alloy used in casting engine parts, the application of molybdenum will significantly reduce stress within the casting, minimizing the most common causes of cracking and brittleness of the these parts over time. The use of molybdenum in engine parts can eliminate a prospective owner's concerns regarding the engine's longevity.

Keeping a Vehicle

Of course, for many truck owners with the 6.5 turbo diesel the thought of selling never enters their minds. Whether this is a workhorse vehicle or a weekday ride, keeping it running as it should is still necessary for this automotive investment. Rather than eventually undertaking a complete rebuild, or having to look for a more expensive model of engine, updating an existing 6.5 turbo diesel still makes the most sense.