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Chevy 6.5 Diesel

Chevy 6.5 Diesel

There are many reasons to look at the Chevy 6.5 diesel. Fuel efficiency, ease of servicing, and lower costs to purchase all make the Chevy 6.5 diesel still a competitive engine over newer models. There can be problems in getting the power out of these models and still keeping fuel costs lower, but this is possible through the use of some modifications on older engine models. While looking at the differences, including the total price, modifying is generally still a less expensive mode of finding an engine than is purchasing a newer model, and can yield better results in terms of fuel and repair costs.

The Chevy 6.5 diesel, for example, was introduced in 1992 as a replacement for the 6.2. Produced by Detroit Diesel, these engines were specifically designed to be more fuel-efficient than durable, and yet it is possible to have both efficiency and durability if certain changes are made. In most instances, the engine is a cast iron block with iron heads. In making changes, it is often best to hire professionals who have experience and will use the right parts for the job of replacing the Chevy 6.5 diesel.

In optimizing any of the Chevy 6.5 diesel series, it is crucial to look for businesses like 6.5 Liter who assure customers of the use of O.E.M. parts. These original equipment manufacturer car parts will be identical to those originally offered by GM and Chevy. While most car manufacturers will turn over the actual production of the car's parts to various companies, this is not the same as buying cloned or factory parts. The difference that will impact the service of the Chevy 6.5 diesel is that the original manufacturer, offering the same quality in their parts, certifies the O.E.M. parts manufacturer. This ensures that a part will work perfectly with other original parts, and that it will be of the same quality.

Once you have assurance that quality O.E.M. parts are used, the next critical area is experience. In looking to buy a Chevy 6.5 diesel or have one modified to avoid common issues such as wear on the block and heads, experience in this field clearly matters. Understanding how the blocks and heads will wear over time allows the individual servicing it to increase the engine's strength and prevent issues with overheating. This knowledge and skill developed over time is worth looking for before trusting a business to perform service on your Chevy 6.5 diesel, or to sell you one.

Other changes and modifications that can improve performance are changes to the oil system and internal components. Mahle, one of the trusted names in aftermarket OEM parts, not only provides parts, but also has worked to upgrade and refine those parts that will work best on the Chevy 6.5 diesel. Mahel Clevite, in working on the problems noted in pistons and connecting rods on the Chevy 6.5 diesel, has upgraded to a more durable rods and stronger pistons. For those looking not only for an initially low price and low fuel prices, the alternative can be an easy switch that puts upgraded and modified parts on an engine that already enjoys a good reputation.